February meeting Agenda

Meet Our New Community Police Officer(s):
Officer Jesse Sousa will be our primary officer and Officer Joe Avila is scheduled to be our secondary officer.  Hopefully, we will be able to welcome both and wish them a very good New Year working with our neighbors to prevent crime or report crime as needed.

Chevron Refinery:
Rescheduled for the first Monday in March, 2013. 

New Business Proposed for 12260 B San Pablo Ave.:
A couple intends to open a small gym on 12260-B San Pablo Ave. near Barrett Ave.  It is a Muaythai Martial Arts Kick boxing Fitness Gym.  They will focus on weight loss Training, self defense, and self discipline exercises, which involves kicking and punching bags, as well as sparring techniques.  They will have students ages from 5 years and older both males and females.

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