Meeting Minutes, October 7, 2013

Officers present: Rock Brown – President, Owen Martin – Vice President,  and Christine Hayes -Treasurer

Report from our beat officer Jesse Souza:

He discussed recent crime statistics and continued with a discussion on prostitution and businesses- some offenders can be put on geographical probation prohibiting them from frequenting certain areas.  A question by a resident about chronic noise complaints brought up the city noise ordinance which can be found on the city web site under municipal codes.

Guest speaker: MBS systems passed out information cards about water heater strapping, worn out flex connectors, shut off valves, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide units, burst proof washing machine filler hoses, and automatic gas shut off valves that does not false trip.  Gas Safety Systems contact Maureen Hunter at (925) 408-3267.  The company has done an HOA in Marina Bay, over 50 of our neighbors in June of 2013 in two days, as well as many other cities in the area.  They will provide free estimate and bringing gas sniffing devices to check your natural gas lines.  They can tell you if there is a problem with the gas flow.  They provide an expertise that a plumber may not be able to.  They provide tiered pricing based on how many homes are interested in the area at the same time.  They will come up with packages to fit the needs of our community and will be happy to come back and present to neighbors who are interested.  They are well known and used throughout Contra Costa County and do consulting with the county.

Election Postponed: We were unable to hold elections for Richmond Heights Neighborhood Council due to lack of attendance. 11 people were present to listen to information of guest speaker. Only 7 people present were from our neighborhood within RHNC boundaries. Bylaws require a quorum of at least 8 neighborhood residents for elections to take place.

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