Meeting Minutes, October 6, 2014

Officers Present:
President: Owen Martin
Vice President: Rock Brown
Secretary: Nina Smith
Treasurer: Christine Hayes
Communications Officer: Daniel McGlynn

Police Report
Neighborhood Council Elections
Fire Department presentation
Neighborhood Council letter re bike path safety


1.  Police Report, Officer Caine: He’s been out on leave for a month; shooting behind Red Onion, El Cerrito, by the BART path.
There was a street robbery in process and bystander happened by and the perpetrators attempted to rob him of his iPhone and threatened him with a gun.  He was shot in the leg after refusing to give over his phone, not believing the gun wad loaded. The suspects are 2 males but there is no specific description.
A neighbor at Yuba and Garvin reported that twice recently someone has tried to steal his car.  He lives on a corner at the top of a hill and there has been a lot of crime at that location: Craig’s list robbery and assault, other assaults and robbery, prostitution, drug sales. Officer Caine also reported an incident outside the tattoo shop on Solano where a rifle was found wrapped in a sheet.
Questions asked about frequency of incidents on BART path.  Nel B. suggested this Neighborhood Council should write a letter to the City of Richmond, BART, and the city of El Cerrito that the path should be better illuminated.  Officer Caine said that the frequency has significantly decreased in recent years due to changes in the environmental design, bike patrol, and undercover patrols.  Officer Caine warned pedestrians not to be distracted by electronic devices, to remain alert about one’s surroundings.  Richmond Police have also stepped up patrols near the BART path area.  Glen Stephenson, of Police Commission, reports increased residential burglaries in northeast area although violent crimes down.
Concerns raised about speed of traffic going down Solano.  Officer Caine said they’d try to focus on that area.  Problems at park at Solano & Humboldt: drug use, selling, people hanging around until late at night.  Officer Caine said to call the police; they don’t get a lot of calls about loitering around the park.  Best way to get a hold of him email:
Change re 911: now 911 calls go direct to Richmond Police, no longer CHP 90% of the time.  Better to call from home phone if possible but can still call 911 if it’s an emergency and you’re calling from cell phone.

2.  Officer Elections:
Treasurer: Christine Hayes
Secretary: Nina Smith
Vice-President: Rock Brown
President: Owen Martin

In Favor of slate: 16
Negative: 0
Abstain: 1

Rock handed out the crime stat’s.

Discussion about allowing additional issues brought up at the last minute.

Nina suggested we address Nel’s suggestion that we write a letter to the City of Richmond, El Cerrito and BART to increase lighting on the BART path.

Nel suggested add to regular agenda 10 minutes for neighborhood concern.

Nel made a motion: Neighborhood Council write one letter addressed to Cities of El Cerrito, Richmond and BART at which we express our concern about the safety of the path from the Del Norte station all the way to MacDonald including the Baxter Creek area, ask them what they are doing and are going to do to address it and invite them to come to our Council and talk about how they’re going to address the problem. Respond to Owen as President of Neighborhood Council.  Seconded from Carol.  Draft will be forwarded to Executive Committee, Carol and Nel.
Suggestions from Council members: more lighting, bicycle patrols, study how the three jurisdictions can work together to be more effective in their safety efforts. Send one letter to City Managers, BART general manager and cc the police; one letter to all three so that they’ll coordinate.
In favor: 15
Against: 0
Abstain: 2

Fire Department: Inspector Rod Woods
Handed out pamphlet.
If can’t extinguish fire with extinguisher, get out, close door and stay out.  Best thing is stay out front, meet the fire fighters and tell them where the person/animal is that is still there.  Don’t go back in. Zero to 5 minutes is response time.
Aim 5 to 10 feet from the fire.
Pull the pin
Aim Low
Squeeze the lever
Sweep the nozzle.
Stay low, point at the base of the fire, approach it slowly, back out, don’t turn your back on the fire.
14 seconds of use per extinguisher.  If fire not out, drop it and get out.  At least it will slow down the fire.
In a minute a fire doubles.  14 seconds of slowing it down gives them 5 to 10 minutes of additional time to fight it.
Can buy rechargeable or disposable extinguishers.  Rechargeable ones need to be redone every year.  If disposable, replace according to the instructions on the product.
The extinguisher has to be in the green on the valve to be good.

ABC types of fires and extinguishers:
A: ordinary combustibles
B: flammable liquids
C: electrical equipment

Don’t use water on B or C fires;
Grease fire on stove: put a lid on it, turn stove off, get out, call Fire Department;
Electrical fire: turn off circuit breaker; if can’t, get out;

Once the fire is out never turn your back to it, back out.

Need wrench to turn off gas and flashlight.

Everyone got a chance to try the training simulator.

El Cerrito Recycling good place to dispose of fire extinguishers. Don’t just throw in the garbage.

Change smoke alarm batteries twice a year, change battery when you change the clock.  Mount smoke alarm where the manufacturer specifies, mount fire extinguishers less than 5 feet from the ground near access to possible fire sources so that you can get to it without getting burned by the fire, pay attention.

CO (carbon monoxide) monitors very important: gas furnace, gas stove, fireplace can be source of odorless, lethal carbon monoxide.

Also recommends yearly heater inspections.

Fire Department Staff are problem solvers: when in doubt, call them.  Call 911.

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