November Meeting Agenda

Presentations by three local community aid organizations and by the AllCare Alliance

November 3, 2014
Serra Adult Education School
7:00 P.M.

7:00: RHNC business, including time for questions from neighbors, motions, and requests for future presentations.

7:15: Crime report by beat 7 Richmond Police Officer.

7:25: Presentations from three local community groups, with information about how neighbors can get involved. The three groups are:

◾Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano
Volunteers are needed to bag produce at the Fairfield distribution center. Shifts are during the day on Monday-Saturday and on Tuesday-Thursday evenings. Volunteers can also organize local food drives. For more info: 707-421-9777 or

◾Bay Area Rescue Mission
BARM is a homeless shelter on MacDonald and 2nd St. Volunteers are needed in many capacities, from one-time commitments, to regularly scheduled times. Also, volunteers are needed to organize collections for food, warm clothes, and hygiene kits. For more info: 510-215-4868 or

◾Greater Richmond Interfaith Program
GRIP provides food, shelter, and services to help the homeless. Volunteers are needed to organize and staff daytime childcare and academic tutoring, as well as prepare and serve morning and evening meals. More info: 501-233-2141 or

8:00: Presentation by AllCare Alliance, which is:
The AllCare Alliance, a collaborative advocacy coalition, was established to achieve a single payer system in California by 2017, the year the Affordable Care Act allows states to set up their own health care systems by applying for a waiver for state innovation.

The system we envision will provide quality care universally, comprehensively, and affordably. Health policy research has consistently demonstrated both the efficacy and efficiency of an improved “Medicare For All”, or single payer-type system. We believe California can show the rest of the nation how well single payer works and become a model for the country.

While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a significant step forward in our struggle to bring health care to all, only single payer can truly provide access to everyone and control costs at the same time. For more info visit:

8:15 Closing business

We hope to see you there.


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