December 5th website presentation

RHNC’s New Website

We’ll look at new website from two views
The “front end”: what the public sees
The “back-end”: what the editors use

Purpose of the redesign
1. Make it faster and easier for residents to get news and announcements related to Richmond Heights. News items can posted at any time, not just every 30 days.

2. To spread out the work of producing an outlet for neighborhood news and resources that, till now, has been concentrated on the VIEWS editor.

How we’ll do that
1. By using web pages instead of pdfs for the content. Web pages are easy to view and update– no 30 day news cycle, like on a monthly publication.

2. By replacing the time-consuming business of laying out a print publication for 8-1/2 x 11, with the computer screen display, which has no practical physical length.

3. By enlisting the help of residents to gather, edit and post news and resources directly to the website. This diagram shows the workflow under the new plan:

Review sections of website (8-10 minutes)
Show editing functions
Pages: editing screen.
Archive of posts

Question and answer (10-15 minutes)

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