The Richmond Heights newsletter, 1996 to 2011

Picture of a copy of Views, the neighborhood newsletter
Between 1996 and 2011 a dedicated group of Richmond Heights residents wrote, published and distributed Views. The neighborhood newsletter offered articles on topics of local interest, short historical romps (like Ricky Raccoon), monthly meeting agendas, announcements of local events, and lists of calls for service to the Richmond Police Department. At its peak, the neighborhood council delivered newsletters to more than 900 residents each month.

Publishing Views was a time-consuming task. Its troupe of writers, folders, labelers, stamp-lickers and walkers included Nick Despota, Owen Martin, Michael Mejia, Andy Pasternak, Truse Pretto, Diane Richwine, Glen and Karen Stephenson, Gina Swirsding, and Janice Williams. We’re probably forgetting a few stalwart contributors. We hope they forgive us. Or at least send us a reminder.

In 2004 we started making Views available in electronic format (pdf) for email distribution. Links to the last 7 years of Viewsappear below. They present a snapshot of life in Richmond Heights.

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